Playful and Fun “Education with Empathy”

Tuition & Sample Menu

Weekly Schedule

Please select from the following:

  • SUSA Afterschool Program Kinderklasse , multiple times per week Mo, Tu, Th, Fr; 2 hours each: 4-8 years – drop off program

  • SUSA Preschool Program, part-time and full-time: 2-5 years – drop off program

  • SUSA Parenting+Play group Spielgruppe , once a week, 1 hour: 4 mos -2.5 years, “parent and me”

General information:

Opening hours: 8.30am-5.30pm from Monday through Friday for the SUSA Preschool Programs (2-5 years old). We do not currently have an infant drop-off program.

Organic food included: Daily lovingly prepared, fresh organic, vegetarian snacks and meals are included in the SUSA Preschool Program tuition.

Setting: SUSA is a small, multi-age program, in a residential, cozy setting with up to 12 students. The teacher to student ratio is 1:3-4 in the SUSA Preschool Program.

Potty training: Kids 3 yrs+ need to be potty trained. Children 2 yrs+ receive potty training help for an additional monthly fee in the SUSA Preschool Program.

Year round program: Observation of most major holidays, as well as a 2-week holiday in July and December, 1 week at Thanksgiving, and 1 week in spring.

Sick policy: For the health and safety of the whole community, a strict illness policy is observed. Kids with a communicable illness such as a severe cold will have to stay home for the first three days after the onset. Please have a back-up plan available for your child’s sick-times.

Pre-SUSA experience; once a week, 1 hour:

Spielgruppe = Parenting+Play group for Toddlers with Parents

  • Wednesdays 4.30-5.30 pm (current class is full, applications accepted)
  • Toddlers 16 mos – 30 mos old with their caregiver
  • Enjoy our friendly German language and German/American culture
  • Be invited to SUSA events such as hiking, beach outings and seasonal events such as the Easter/Spring fest, Lanternwalk and Christmas/Nikolaus fest, graduation and much more
  • Experience the SUSA setting and director Karin Kachler, learn about connection based parenting and ask parenting questions
  • Sing and learn German songs, do rhythm and musical exercises in German
  • Participate in activities, do arts and crafts
  • Participate in group games and enjoy social time
  • Explore our play areas with your child (water, sand, grass, paints, mats, blocks, various toys)
  • Enjoy seeing daily images of the SUSA Preschoolers on the private Shutterfly group page
  • September through June
  • $15 per 60 min class, once a week


SUSA Preschool Program(2-5 yrs old); drop-off, daily


Our connection based education with neuro-developmentally optimized play-learn structure engages all senses of the precious children at SUSA, who become empathetic learners, environment loving and caring world citizens.

SUSA students really enjoy the personal connection and attachment to our teachers and the subjects taught.

Learning to speak German is easy and super fun with our method, even for Non-German speakers.Several preschool age students who did not have a German speaking parent and no prior knowledge of German, tested “fluent” at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary school in Glendale, after only 4- 6 months at SUSA. This is a sizable advantage in the placement for a space in this highly sought after German immersion magnet school.

Parents who practice mindfulness and empathy, non-violent communication, who appreciate organic food and an environmentally conscious education fit the SUSA program very well.

1) Part time for the youngest students (2 yrs old)

  • 8.30am – 12pm Mo-Fr
  • for the first 4 months of enrollment for students 2 yrs old (only)

2) Preschool Morning program

  • 8.30am -1.30pm Mo-Fr

3) Full time program

  • 8.30am – 5.30pm Mo-Fr
  • optional participation in: Rest/nap time from 1.30-3.00pm  (mandatory for students 3 yrs and younger)
  • optional participation in: Kinderklasse – enrichment and afterschool program for K-2 students on select days (open to students 4 yrs+)


SUSA Afterschool Program (4-8 yrs old); drop-off, daily


  • 3.30-5.30pm Mo-Fr (min 4 students) 
  • enrichment afterschool program for TK/K-2 students currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Read and Write German on Tuesdays, Play time on Thursdays.
  • 6 students per group; 1:6 teacher/student ratio
  • Individual ability based instructions

Visiting SUSA and Waitlist

Please go to the “Admission” page to register for a visitation and/or request placement on the waitlist.


We look forward to meeting your family including your children!

Thank you for your interest.


Karin Kachler and the SUSA team