Come and visit!
We are delighted you consider SUSA LA for bilingual education of your precious child!

The programs we currently offer are:

  1. Half Day Program: Monday thru Friday (1-5 Day Options) 8am-1pm, see monthly tuition at, Ages 2-5 years
  2. German Class: Tuesday & Thursday 3.30pm-5.30pm, $30/Class paid monthly,
    Ages 4-8
  3. Deutsche Spielgruppe: Wednesday 4pm-5pm, $30/Class paid monthly,
    Ages 10-24 months
  4. English Playgroup: Monday and Friday 4pm-5pm, $15/Class paid monthly,
    Ages 10-24 months

To be considered for placement in our German Class, Deutsche Spielgruppe or bilingual Playgroup, please fill out the form bellow. You will receive a follow up phone call and an E-Mail by our Owner and Director Karin Kachler for admission information.

For enrollment in the Half Day Program please follow these additional steps:

1. Please fill out the form below.

2. You will receive a confirmation phone call from the Owner and Director Karin Kachler. We also will send you an invoice to join our wait list pro-rated for the year. The yearly fee is $24. To be on our wait list as well as coming to a tour is a prerequisite for a placement in our Half Day Program at SUSA LA. You must join our wait list to tour SUSA LA. If your child is two years or older, we look forward to meeting him/her on the tour. Babies are more than welcome to join the tour as well.

3. Once you fill out the form below, we will send you an invoice for the wait list fee through Wave. Once paid, you will be placed on the wait list.

4. After being placed on the wait list, you will then receive an invitation to the next possible visitation tour. Space is limited.

Please be aware that we currently do not offer a drop-off program for infants.


Thank you cordially. We look forward to meeting your family very soon!

Karin Kachler and the SUSA staff