German Preschool Program in Los Angeles/Eagle Rock

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Multiple Language Learning Advantages

Even the youngest people love to speak multiple languages. They learn quickly in an environment they love, even if that language is not spoken at home.

Science proves that speaking multiple languages enhance our brains’ executive decision making ability, especially with regards to speed and creativity.

Children who are exposed early learn additional languages much easier than others who did not create a “language center” in their brain while they were young.

Speaking multiple languages is fun when you travel, and helps to love and accept other cultures.

German in particular has a lot of culture to offer through traditional songs, art, games and stories. Germans are appreciated for their work ethic, product quality and engineering skills and compete in every area of the worldwide economy.

Children naturally copy languages without an accent – something that is generally much harder for teenagers or adults to do later on in life.

According to the newest research, multiple language speakers seem to resist the effects of dementia far better than monolinguals do.

You are giving a wonderful gift to your child by choosing a German language school.

Neuro-Developmental Connection Based Education or The “Whole Brain Child” Approach

We combine connection based language learning with neurologically stimulating exercises. We apply the physical aspects of the RIE approach, with the seasonal reverence and love of nature in Waldorf, the mentor-student relationship of Montessori, and open questions and child inspired playful flexibility of Reggio Emilia. Parents value our low mentor-student ratio of 1:4.

Enter into the social fun and education our use of music and art, non-violent communication with clear limit setting through connection and redirection, and you experience the “whole brain child” approach.

Our mission and vision is fully aligned with the teachings of and

A Focus on Nature

We use nature to inspire our children. Especially very young children are passionate about our natural world. Director Karin developed an ecology-based curriculum that not only introduces core academics, but also a personal connection to nature. Engaged children care about the world around them.

Building strong Self-esteem and Self-confidence

We view children as future adults and focus daily on building their self-esteem and self-confidence. Children who can “find a way” themselves with adult guidance and support, feel positive about themselves. Connected children feel safe in their bodies and minds and therefore have an excellent foundation to becoming successful teenagers and adults.

Multi-cultural Acceptance 

We welcome families from all cultural backgrounds and philosophical world views. SUSA is a non-religious school, but accepts families of all faiths. We find that a loving, caring person is a question of character.

Clear communication through raising Emotional, Social and Intellectual IQ

We raise the emotional, social and intellectual IQ in our children by observing, talking about and practicing the various ways of communication. We utilize role play, art, music, singing and body movements for this purpose.

Organic Vegetarian Food and “Zero Waste” Sustainability

Earth is a living organism where everything is interconnected. We aim at “zero waste” and take only as much as needed.

We appreciate the benefits of a mostly pesticide free nutrition for the developing brain. We therefore cook daily and serve organic, vegetarian food, included in the tuition.

Please select “Our Program” to learn about classes for Teenagers, Adults & Playgroups